Secure-eBook Documentation

eBook Activation

When an eBook protected with Secure-eBook is opened for the first time, only the sample is displayed. The eBook will have to be activated in order to get access to its full content.

To activate the eBook, you need an activation key which you can obtain from the eBook's publisher.

Purchasing the eBook

:buy-now-btn.gif If you did not purchase the eBook yet, you can start the purchase process by clicking on the “Buy This eBook Now!” button on the top-right corner of the eBook.

After you complete the purchase transaction, you will receive an activation key. That's the key you will use to activate the eBook.

Activating the eBook

:activation.gifIf you just purchased the eBook using the “Buy This eBook Now!” button on the top-right corner of the eBook, the activation window will already be displayed when you get back to the eBook.

If you purchased the eBook without using the “Buy This eBook Now!” button or if the activation window is not displayed, just select “Activate eBook…” from the “eBook” menu. If you did not get the eBook yet and do not know where to download it from or how to get it, please contact the eBook's publisher.

When the activation window is displayed, copy (Ctrl-C) your activation key from the email you received or from the Web page where it was displayed, and paste it (Ctrl-V) into the activation window. Then, click on the “Activate” button to get access to the eBook's full content.

Need more assistance?

If you have problems opening your eBook protected by Secure-eBook or did not succeed in activating it, please visit the eBook Activation Assistance page.