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Client Testimonial

"I recommend Secure-eBook to anyone..."

"I have found Secure-eBook and its specialists extremely helpful. They are very professional, know what they're doing and make things happen.

I wanted to add audio files to the E-book and all I had to do was provide the audio files and the job was done. The end product speaks for it self. I get good feed back from clients.

I recommend Secure-eBook to anyone who wants a professional end product. This was my first E-book and I will be doing more in the near future."

Paul Chataway
BeInformed Productions

Client Testimonial

"Your support is the best I've ever seen."

"Secure-eBook Support Staff,

I own a few thousand dollars of software and eTools. Having to deal with various support staff over the years, I feel I'm qualified to say this...

Your support is the best I've ever seen. You've been courteous, fast on your replies, offer super help by phone and eMail with excellent results!


Minnesota, US

Client Testimonial

"...nothing comes close to Secure-eBook."

"I have made a detailed comparison of the various ebook protection systems on Internet, but nothing comes close to Secure-eBook. Some cost hundreds of dollars, others are too complicated or impractical to use.

Secure-eBook stands heads and shoulders above the rest because:

  • It's completely secure, unlike some other systems which are only semi-secure.
  • It's based on the familiar PDF file which means Users do not have to download any special software or plug-ins.
  • It's the only ebook-protection system that allows you to fully protect all the give-away bonuses at no extra cost.
  • It's the only ebook-protection system that allows you to create a highly powerful 'viral ebook' to generate traffic and sales - create as many viral eBooks as you want, completely free!
  • It's easy to use for both the Merchant and the Client. Now at last, I am able to simplify the way I offer, sell, and deliver my ebooks and free bonuses. My website shows how I have done this."
Russell Eaton

Client Testimonial

"Secure-eBook is without doubt the finest security solution..."

"The Secure-eBook system is without doubt the finest security solution that my company has tried... and we've certainly tried others!

My whole team spent the first two weeks testing the system in both Europe and North America and Secure-eBook performed flawlessly.

Now I can finally concentrate on publishing and marketing e-book titles without the worry of losing revenue from file sharing."

Thank guys!

Client Testimonial

"Secure-eBook has been a God send..."

"Thanks To Eric and the Folks at Novisoft I have a thriving Ebook Business.

I cannot say enough about this product, it is The Bill Gates of eBook Security. This program blows away anything on the net that is currently available and on top of that Eric and crew at Novisoft have been there faithfully for any and all tech support questions by phone I might add.

For me to recommend anything other then Secure-eBook would be a disservice to the rest of the known publishing world.

I'm a Full Time Trader and have written 3 books on the subject and Secure-eBook is the Warren Buffet of the Publishing Industry."

Thanks Again,

Client Testimonial

"Wow! Finally, the product I was waiting for!"

"I had the opportunity to try Secure-eBook and I can say that the protection is real. It works!

But the most important aspect of the product is its viral marketing concept: being able to spread a product on a large scale, allowing people to try it and make sure that if they want it, they will buy it.

Having a couple of books that I want to put on the Internet, my main goal is to sell as much of them as possible. Secure-eBook offers me what I was unable to find before: the tools I need to make my books known by everybody and - even more important - bought by every interested reader."

Daniel P. Baril, Ph.D.
Laval, Quebec, Canada