Secure-eBook Pricing 

Affordable monthly subscription fee!

Everyone subscribing to Secure-eBooktm have access to the following elements:

  • A Web site with an integrated Blog engine that will help you sell more eBooks
  • The renowned Secure-eBook fully automated purchase process that makes it easy for you to quickly start selling your eBooks
  • The successful Secure-eBook secured automated eBook delivery process providing instant gratification to your clients
  • Visibility for your eBooks by making them listed for free on eBookTika to help you sell more eBooks.

Choose the package
that better meets your needs

Subscription options

We offer different subscription options to our clients. Based on the number of eBooks you plan to sell each month, you will choose the option that better suits your needs.

Each option comes with a specific number of tokens. Basically, everytime you sell an eBook, it costs you one token (some configurations might cost more than one token per eBook sold). And depending on the subscription option you select, the cost per token will vary.

Check out our different Secure-eBook subscription options:

Monthly tokens Monthly Fee ($USD) Average price per token Cost per extra token
If you would like to get even more tokens per month, please contact our sales department.

Manage your business growth easily

If your eBook sales grow to a point where you used all the tokens included in your subscription, you will receive a notification by email. Then, you will have two options:

  • Choose to get billed at the end of the month of your subscription for extra tokens used during the month, or
  • Choose to upgrade your subscription giving you more tokens each month, at a better price per token.

No matter which option you choose, your sales will always go on while you take the time to take your decision.