Secure-eBook Features 

Publish your eBooks efficiently while delivering them securely to your clients!

While you concentrate on creating or editing the best eBooks, you can count on Secure-eBooktm to help you publish and protect them.

Secure-eBook offers you all the features you could expect from a professional publishing and security system. Some features are only available with one of our delivery methods, eBook Activation or Secured Download.

Take a look at the features below:

Secure-eBook's publishing features

Publishing FeatureeBook ActivationSecured Download
Your own Web site with an integrated Blog engine helping you to sell more eBooks Included Included
Fully automated purchase process for your clients all managed by Secure-eBook Included Included
Secured automated eBook delivery process providing instant gratification to your clients Included Included
Visibility for your eBooks by making them listed for free on eBookTika to help you sell more eBooks Included Included
"Sample mode" allowing anyone who opens your eBook to take a look at it before purchasing Included  
"Buy Now!" button integrated directly in your secured eBook allowing your clients to initiate their purchase in one single click! Included  
Add "Buy Now!" buttons to your Web site using the Secure-eBook button generator and allow your clients to easily purchase your eBooks from your Web site! Included Included
Sell in the currency of your choice: USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, NZD, JPY, NOK, TRY or PLN (others are frequently added) Included Included
Integrate with your preferred payment processor so your sales go directly into your bank account. Currently supported payment processors are PayPal (requires Business or Premier account), ClickBank, 2Checkout, WorldPay, and Protx Included Included
Create manual orders to sell your your eBooks without using the Secure-eBook automated purchase process Included Included
Generate batch of activation keys so you may distribute your eBooks on CDs Included  
Sell your eBooks in any file formats   Included
Get the opportunity to convert people trying to download your eBooks illegally into clients   Included
Keep contact information of the clients who bought your eBooks Included Included
View sales reports and orders history Included Included
View eBook activity reports and statistics Included  
View download activity reports and statistics   Included
Manage your refund requests - your clients can ask for a refund directly from your secured eBooks - you decide to accept or refuse them Included  
Get contact information on customers who did not complete their purchase transaction Included Included
Use ClickBanktm to sell your eBooks protected with Secure-eBook Included Included
Use 1ShoppingCart.comtm to sell your eBooks protected with Secure-eBook Included Included
Use PayPal Shopping Cart to sell your eBooks protected with Secure-eBook (you will need an account with PayPal) Included Included

Secure-eBook's security features

Security FeatureeBook ActivationSecured Download
Protect your eBooks using an intuitive "Wizard" application - it only takes you a few minutes (takes your Adobetm PDF file and wraps it into a Windowstm executable file) Included  
Disable all save and print functions in your secured eBooks (you can allow print function) Included  
Require your eBooks to validate themselves every time they are opened or just once at the initial activation Included  
Decide on how many machines your clients may activate your secured eBooks Included  
Disable already activated eBooks on the fly! Included  
Refunded eBooks are automatically disabled Included  
Provide unique temporary download links to your clients and avoid illegal downloads of your eBooks   Included
Configure the number of downloads and the time limit allowed for your clients to download an eBook after they purchased one of your eBooks   Included
Monitor the activities of the eBooks you already sold Included  
Monitor the usage of download links generated for the eBooks you already sold   Included