How does eBook Activation Work? 

Do not consider people copying your eBooks as potential thieves - they are potential clients!

The power of a sample!

Secure-eBook'stm eBook Activation will never completely block access to someone who is interested in taking a look at your eBook. The ones who did not buy your eBook yet are shown a sample of it. This means that once your eBook is under the Secure-eBook protection, you can send your eBook everywhere in every way you can!

The more people see your eBook's sample, the more sales you'll get!

Who decides what's in your sample? You do! You put in what you want, what you think will do the best job at selling your eBook. Show some of your eBook's chapters, its table of content, some interesting quotes and testimonials from your customers... make your sample sell your eBook!

For example, lets start with one client purchasing your eBook. That client, satisfied with his purchase, sends a copy of your eBook to ten of his friends. Those ten new persons who receive your eBook won't be able to view the full version of your eBook - but they will see the sample. And what happens if the sample you provide is exciting enough to make those people buy your eBook? They will buy it straight from the eBook! This can result in a lot of new sales!

And now, imagine those 10 persons doing the same thing as your first client did: each one sends a copy of your eBook to 10 of their friends. The sample version of your eBook will now be read by 100 readers. It won't take much time before your eBook reaches thousands of people.

Since you write your sample eBook, it is in your power to make your sample convert those new readers into clients!

Everyone who reads the sample eBook will only have to click the "Buy Now!" button directly from inside your sample to purchase your eBook.

And don't worry...

Secure-eBook makes the whole process
easy for you!

Step 1 - Package your eBook

eBook Security Step1

Once you have your Secure-eBook account, your first step is to package your eBook to make a secured version of it. After you are logged in your account, use the proper link to download the Secure-eBook packager, run it and follow the simple instructions that will guide you through the process of creating your secured eBook - including the sample that will help you boost your sales.

The packaging process will result in a Windows executable file. This file will take charge of showing your eBook and its sample. It is this executable file that protects your eBook from piracy.

Step 2 - Send your eBook everywhere

eBook Security Step2

Now that your eBook is secured, forget about piracy and send it anywhere you can think of. Don't wait for people to buy your eBook: give it to them so they can take a look at your sample.

Once satisfied by your eBook's sample version, they will only need to click on the "Buy Now!" button displayed within your secured eBook. A simple "purchase and activate" process will allow them to acquire your eBook's full version.

Step 3 - Sell your eBook efficiently

eBook Security Step3

Right after a client clicks on the "Buy Now!" button within one of your eBooks, his browser opens and displays the Secure-eBook's purchase page (or yours if you configured your account accordingly). He enters his contact information and submits his request to purchase.

Your client is then sent to the payment processor you configured in your Secure-eBook account (PayPal, for example). Once the payment is confirmed by the payment processor, the Secure-eBook system will record the transaction in your account and an activation key will be sent to your client.

The key sent to your client comes with all the necessary information that will allow your client to activate the new eBook he just bought.

And what happens if a client calls you directly to buy one of your eBooks? You just have to use the manual order function from your Secure-eBook account. You may even decide to generate a bunch of activation keys in order to send your eBook on CDs along with a valid activation key.

Step 4 - Manage your sales easily

eBook Security Step4

While your clients buy your eBooks, all the transactions are recorded into your Secure-eBook account. You can display sales reports for specified time periods and see how often your eBooks were activated, opened or disabled.

You can even monitor one specific activation and take action on it. This enables you to disable, refund and re-enable a specific copy of your eBook used by one of your clients.

You can even manage your refund requests coming from your clients. You decide if you accept them or not. And once you accept a refund request, the client who made the request won't be able to access his copy of your eBook anymore.