How does Secured Download Work? 

Do not allow unauthorized downloads
of your eBooks!

Temporary unique download links

Secure-eBooktm - Secured Download will generate a temporary unique download link for every client who purchases one of your eBooks. And all you have to do is monitoring your Secure-eBook account to make sure you always have tokens left.

Only your clients should be able to download your eBooks

When selling eBooks that are not themselves protected against piracy (see Secure-eBook's eBook Activation for a way to protect your eBooks themsleves), you at least need to prevent people who did not purchase one of your eBooks to download it illegally. This is a basic protection authors and publishers should consider for their eBooks.

Especially today, with all the information shared on the Web, providing a fixed permanent download link for your eBooks will make you lose a lot of potential sales. With sharing services such as or social Web sites such as Facebook, everyone on the planet could be able to find your download link in only a few seconds.

When using Secure-eBook's Secured Download to protect the download links of your eBooks, you get the possibility to prevent these illegal downloads of your eBooks.

And don't worry...

Secure-eBook makes the whole process
easy for you!

Step 1 - Upload your eBook in your Secure-eBook account

eBook Security Step1

Once you have your Secure-eBook account, your first step is to create a product for each of your eBooks. Then, for each of your product, you will have to upload your eBook (this is only required for Secure-eBook's Secured Download).

Step 2 - Place "Buy Now" buttons on your Web site

eBook Security Step2

For each product created in your Secure-eBook account, you will have an option allowing you to create a "Buy Now" button. Use this option to add "Buy Now" buttons for your eBooks on your Web site.

Then, all your visitors will be able to purchase your eBooks by clicking on your "Buy Now" buttons.

Step 3 - Let Secure-eBook manage the purchase and delivery processes

eBook Security Step3

Right after a client clicks on one of your "Buy Now" buttons on your Web site, his browser displays the Secure-eBook's purchase page (or yours if you configured your account accordingly). He enters his contact information and submits his request to purchase.

Your client is then sent to the payment processor you configured in your Secure-eBook account (PayPal, for example). Once the payment is confirmed by the payment processor, the Secure-eBook system will record the transaction in your account and a temporary unique download link will be sent to your client.

The download link key sent to your client comes with all the necessary information that will allow your client to download the new eBook he just bought.

And what happens if a client calls you directly to buy one of your eBooks? You just have to use the manual order function from your Secure-eBook account.

Step 4 - Manage your sales easily

eBook Security Step4

While your clients buy your eBooks, all the transactions are recorded into your Secure-eBook account. You can display sales reports for specified time periods and see how often your eBooks were downloaded.

You can even monitor one specific download link and take action on it. This enables you to see how many times a download link was used (if you allowed it to be used more than once) and to disable it if you want to.