Secured Download 

Allow your purchasers to easily download your eBooks - but nobody else!

Don't worry about illegal downloads of your eBooks anymore!

With Secure-eBook'stm Secured Download, someone who purchases one of your eBooks gets a unique download link, valid for a limited time period and for a limited number of downloads. And you decide how many times you will allow your clients to download the eBook they purchased and for how long their temporary download link will be valid.

A trade off between protection and flexibility!

Why should you opt for Secure-eBook's Secured Download instead of Secure-eBook's eBook Activation solution? To get more flexibility.

Secure-eBook's Secured Download will not wrap your eBooks within another format. If you choose a mainstream format such as the PDF file format, your clients will be able to open your eBook on any computer system able to open PDF files.

The protection for all eBook formats!

And what if your eBook is not in PDF format? It doesn't matter. Secure-eBook's Secured Download works with any file formats. No matter which tool or software your are using to build your eBooks, you will be able to protect them with Secure-eBook's Secured Download.

The minimum protection everyone should consider!

Having no protection for your download link makes it too easy for people to get your eBooks illegally and will definitely result in less eBook sales for you. Secure-eBook's Secured Download is the minimum protection all eBook authors and publishers should use.

People trying to download your eBooks illegally are potential clients!

Secure-eBook's Secured Download gives you the opportunity to convert people who try to get one of your eBooks using a download link that is no longer valid into clients. Every time someone accesses one of your eBook's expired download link, Secure-eBook will redirect them towards your eBook's Web page, giving them incentive and opportunity to convert these visitors into clients.

Perfect complement for systems not providing secured download links

When selling eBooks with systems such as ClickBanktm or PayPal Shopping Cart, your eBooks are not protected against illegal downloads. Secure-eBook works with such systems to provide you with the protection you are looking for.

So, how does it work?

Secure-eBook manages the whole purchase process for you. When you create your product in your Secure-eBook account, you only have to select the Secured Download protection method. This protection method will allow you to upload your eBook to your Secure-eBook account. You will also be able to specify how many times you allow a client to try and download your eBook and for how long the download link will remain valid.

Then, Secure-eBook does the work for you. When a client purchases one of your eBooks, he is automatically provided with a unique, temporary download link. This link will respect your settings for the number of times the eBook can be downloaded and for how long the link is valid.

Secure-eBook makes the whole process fully automated and provides instant gratification for your clients!

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