eBook Activation 

Multiply your worldwide eBook sales - and stop worrying about illegal copies!

Secure-eBook helps transform people who copy your products into clients.

With Secure-eBook'stm eBook Activation, someone who downloads your protected Adobetm PDF eBook will only be able to read a sample of your eBook. In order to gain access to the full book, this person will simply have to click on the "Buy Now!" button that is on your eBook and complete the payment procedure.

The best part? You don't have to worry about piracy: the book is only unlocked for the person who bought it - if the book is copied to someone else, it'll go back to sample mode and allow new readers to buy it again!

Don't worry about illegal copies anymore - copies only help in generating sales!

So, how does it work?

Secure-eBook will safely encrypt your existing Adobe PDF book within a Windows program. In order for the Adobe Reader to read the book, an activation key will be needed.

This activation key is generated by our secure servers when your client purchases your book and will only work for his computer. If it's opened from a different computer, Secure-eBook will only show a sample of your book! At your discretion, Secure-eBook can even allow a client to install his book on more than one computer - you decide the limit.

You can have your clients purchase their eBook activation through an easy and simple process. Secure-eBook supports most popular payment processing systems, including PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, WorldPay, Authorize.net and Protx*.
*Support for other systems may be added, based on customer requests.

With Secure-eBook, it's easy for you and for your clients.

What next?
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