eBook Web Site 

Create your eBook Sales Web site
in three easy steps

eBook Web Site

First, select your Web page model

Secure-eBook offers you many models from which you can select the look of your eBook Sales Web page. Each model can also be customized by adding your logo and by adjusting the colors to match your preferences.

Then, add a Buy Now button

When building the content of your eBook Sales Web page, you can easily add a Buy Now that will allow your clients to purchase your eBooks easily. When your clients click on your Buy Now button, they will automatically go through a purchase process, fully managed by Secure-eBook.

Finally, customize your Thank You Page and Thank You Email

Secure-eBook already generates a Thank You Page and a Thank You Email by default that will be appropriate for most eBook authors and publishers. But you are also allowed to customize the text that will be displayed and sent to your clients after they purchase your eBook.

See it in action!

We have set up a sample of a Web site built using the Secure-eBook system. Visit our sample Web site to see our Web site system in action.

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