eBook Purchase Process 

Configure your purchase process

eBook Purchase Process

Use your preferred payment service

Secure-eBook works with many major payment processing services. Whether you choose to work with PayPal, 2CheckOut, ClickBank, 1ShoppingCart or any of the services supported by Secure-eBook, using it with Secure-eBook is very easy and requires only a few configuration steps.

Configure your payment service

Configuring your preferred payment service to work with Secure-eBook requires only a few steps. The "Payment Processors" section in your Secure-eBook account will assist you in the configuration process by providing you with easy to follow instructions.

Let Secure-eBook manage the whole purchase process for you

After you have selected your preferred payment processor and have configured it properly in your Secure-eBook account, you only have to let Secure-eBook manage the whole purchase process of your eBooks you.

After one of your clients clicks on the Buy Now button on your eBooks Sales Web page, the client will be sent to Secure-eBook, which will manage the whole purchase process, including communicating with your payment processor and delivering the eBook to your client.

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