Get your eBooks listed on eBookTika!

You have completed your eBook and are now ready to sell it on the Web. Perhaps you already are selling one or more eBooks online. If that is the case, you might already know this: it is not enough to place your eBooks on the Web and wait for sales to come in. You have to get everyone know about your eBooks!

With eBookTika, you have the opportunity to get your eBooks listed on a library that will be visited by thousands of visitors every month. These visitors will be people who are looking to purchase eBooks - people who are ready to pay to get valuable eBooks and are not looking for free eBooks.

eBookTika exposes your eBooks to people who purchase eBooks!

The philosophy behind eBookTika is to offer only eBooks that are for sale - no free eBooks. Why is this?


eBookTika offers high quality eBooks. By offering no free eBooks, eBookTika aims to display a library of higher quality eBooks - no eBooks given away only to promote and sell other products. eBooks offered on eBookTika are eBooks sold by authors and publishers who live from their eBooks business, who are concerned by the quality of their eBooks' content.

eBookTika attracts high quality eBooks purchasers. Because eBookTika displays high quality eBooks, it gets visited by people who are ready to pay for good content. This doesn't mean people won't be interested by other products you would also have to sell - it only means they will be ready to pay for your eBooks because they know that good content is valuable.

How much does it cost?

If you are not subscribed to Secure-eBook, a small basic fee will be charged for each eBook you wish to get listed on eBookTika.

But if you are subscribed to Secure-eBook, and as long as your subscription remains active, it costs you absolutely nothing for a basic listing of your eBooks on eBookTika. You will only pay for options you would add to your eBook listing.

So don't wait... act now!

If you are already a Secure-eBooktm client, you can log into your account and select eBook Library, under Other Services, from the menu. From there, you will have the option to select which of your eBooks you wish to get listed on eBookTika and submit them with a single click.

To get more information about eBookTika, please visit the eBookTika Web site.