eBook Delivery Process 

Choose how you want to deliver your eBooks

eBook Delivery Process

Choose from two methods to deliver your eBooks

After a purchase, the eBook is always delivered as a download link included in the Thank You Page and Thank You Email sent to the client after a purchase. But Secure-eBook also offers two methods to authors and publishers to make their eBook deliveries as secured as possible.

One method protects the eBook's content itself preventing access to it only to people who actually purchase the eBook. This method is called eBook Activation and is the most secure method.

The other method is called Secured Download and protects the link used to download the eBook but not the eBook's content itself. This method offers the minimum protection any author or publisher should be looking for and is a lot more flexible than the eBook Activation method.

To get more information on our protection methods, please take a look at our eBook Security section.

Provide your clients with instant gratification

No matter the way you choose to deliver your eBooks, Secure-eBook offers you the possibility to provide instant gratification to your clients when they purchase your eBooks. As soon as they complete their purchase, your clients are immediately able to get the eBook they purchase and start reading it in a few seconds.

Keep an eye on your sales and download and eBooks activation activities

After everything is up and running, Secure-eBook manages all your purchases for you. All that is up to you is monitoring your sales your eBooks deliveries through your Secure-eBook accoun. From your Secure-eBook account, you are able to get reports and statistics about your sale, the activation keys used by your clients to get access to their eBooks and the secured download links they used to get their eBook.

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