The Complete Solution you need to sell your eBooks

If you are an eBook author or publisher, you will soon be able to use Secure-eBook as a system that provides you with everything you need to sell your eBooks on the Internet.

The new offer will include the following elements, all in one single service:

  • A Web site with an integrated Blog engine that will help you sell more eBooks
  • The already renowned Secure-eBook fully automated purchase process that makes it easy for you to quickly start selling your eBooks
  • The successful Secure-eBook secured automated eBook delivery process providing instant gratification to your clients
  • Visibility for your eBooks by making them listed for free on eBookTika to help you sell more eBooks.

And all this will be available to you starting at only $29.97 per month.

The power of a blog

There is one reason to include a Web site with a Blog engine in Secure-eBook Complete Solution: hosting a Blog will increase your chances of selling more eBooks.

Every expert will tell you that by using a Blog, you can attract more visitors to your Web site and that having more visitors should increase your sales. Recently, many articles discussing Blogs and visitor traffic were posted on our blog. If you want more information on the subject, I invite you to browse through these articles.

A Web site well integrated with Secure-eBook

Your Web site, included with Secure-eBook Complete Solution, will be easy to maintain and update. And above all, it will be nicely integrated with your Secure-eBook account and products.

You will also be able to customize the look of your Web site and select from predefined looks without requiring the services of an expert. It will be easy enough for you to manage your Web site and stay focused on your business.

A fully automated purchase process for your clients

If you are already a Secure-eBook client, you already have experienced the joy of having Secure-eBook manage the whole purchase process for you, every time one of your clients buys one of your eBooks. With Secure-eBook Complete Solution, you will continue to enjoy this feature.

Your eBooks securely delivered to your clients

A few months ago, a new secured delivery option was added to Secure-eBook. Since then, you can choose between two options: protecting your eBooks themselves or simply protecting the download links used by your clients to get the eBooks they purchase from you.

With Secure-eBook Complete Solution, the same options are still offered to you. No matter the secured delivery option you select, your clients will experience instant gratification when purchasing your eBooks.

Compatibility with major systems

The new Secure-eBook Complete Solution will also continue to enable our clients to use powerful systems, such as ClickBank, PayPal Shopping Cart, 1ShoppingCart, etc. If you are using or plan on using such systems to increase your eBook sales, you will find it easy to make Secure-eBook work seamlessly with them, automatically taking in charge the delivery of your eBooks.

Instant visibility for your eBooks

The last element included in Secure-eBook Complete Solution - but not the least - is the immediate increase of visibility for your eBooks. Included for free when you subscribe to Secure-eBook Complete Solution is the addition of your eBooks on the eBookTika eBook library.

Very competitive price

All these features will be offered to you starting at the very affordable price of $29.97 per month. This means that for only the price of an eBook a month, or even less, you will get your Web site with your Blog, automated purchase and delivery processes, compatibility with many major systems and instant visibility for your eBooks!

Special launch offer

The new Secure-eBook Complete Solution will be launched on April 14th, 2009 and we have set up a special launch offer available to anyone who will subscribe during the 7 days following the official launch date. If you subscribe to the new Secure-eBook Complete Solution from April 14th to April 20th inclusively, you will get the following as a special launch offer:

  • The first month at only $1 to make it even easier for you to try the new solution
  • A free copy of the "eBook Business Machine" eBook to help you build your eBook business
  • A chance to win a free $397 service package which includes the initial content of your Web site integrated by our team of experts to make things ready even faster for you

Spread the word and earn 25% commissions

Spread the news about the upcoming launch of the Secure-eBook Complete Solution to your friends, colleagues, partners, contacts, etc. and earn 25% commissions on all purchases made by a client you have referred.

You will get monthly commissions for every client you have referred and who will have subscribed to Secure-eBook Complete Solution.

Signing up to our affiliate program only takes a few minutes and you will immediately be able to spread the news. Then, no matter when the person your referred creates a Secure-eBook account, you will be linked to it. At the time of the launch, everyone who will purchase the new Secure-eBook Complete Solution will generate monthly commissions for the affiliate who referred the client first.

Please visit the ''Secure-eBook Affiliate Program'' to get more information and to subscribe as a Secure-eBook affiliate.


Update: The launch date of the new Secure-eBook Complete Solution has been changed from March 17th, 2009 to April 14th, 2009.

Alain Thibault