Secure-eBook Affiliate Program 

Want to increase your revenues?

Want to promote Secure-eBook and help make it the most accepted eBook publishing and security product on the Web?

By registering to the Secure-eBooktm Affiliate Program, you get the opportunity to earn recurring income. When you refer a new client who activates a new account* with Secure-eBook, you receive your commission on all purchases made by this client for two years, starting at the date the account has been activated.

And how much do you get?

You get 25% from all purchases made by a client you referred!

This means that as soon as you refer a client to the Secure-eBook Web site and this client creates a Secure-eBook account, the client is automatically linked to your affiliate account**.

As long as this client remains subscribed to Secure-eBook or purchases other services from Secure-eBook, you receive 25% of the purchase amount in commission. That's true for his first purchase and all other purchases the client will make for the next two years!.

What revenues can you expect from your commissions ?

Your commissions are based on the number of clients you refer to Secure-eBook. The more you refer, the bigger your commissions get.

Number of referred clients(1) per month Commissions Possible monthly revenues (6th month)(2) Possible monthly revenues (12th month)(2) Possible monthly revenues (24th month)(2)
10 25% $765.05 $1,331.60 $2,464.70
25 25% $1,912.63 $3,329.00 $6,161.75
50 25% $3,825.25 $6,658.00 $12,323.50
(1) Referred clients must first subscribe before they are taken into account
(2) Based on the following hypothesis: 85% of referred clients subscribe to the 50 monthly tokens package, 8% to the 100 monthly tokens package, 4% to the 250 monthly tokens package, 2% to the 500 monthly tokens package, 1% to the 2000 monthly tokens package, and 5% of the referred clients buy a Secure-eBook package at $397 as their initial purchase

* An account is activated when its first subscription is purchased.
** Novisoft reserves the right to accept or reject affiliate subscriptions.

To get more details on the Secure-eBook Affiliate Program, you should refer to our Affiliate Program Agreement or contact us at the following address:

If you are already a Secure-eBook affiliate you can access your affiliate account.