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Everything you need to sell eBooks on the Web!

If you are an eBook author or publisher, Secure-eBooktm provides you with everything you need to sell your eBooks on the Internet.

Secure-eBook includes the following elements, all in one single product:

  • A Web site with an integrated Blog engine that will help you sell more eBooks
  • The renowned Secure-eBook fully automated purchase process that makes it easy for you to quickly start selling your eBooks
  • The successful Secure-eBook secured automated eBook delivery process providing instant gratification to your clients
  • Visibility for your eBooks by making them listed for free on eBookTika to help you sell more eBooks.

And all this is available to you starting at only $29.97 per month.

The eBook selling process

eBook Selling System

Your eBooks' Web site

With Secure-eBook, you get a Web site to show your eBooks and allow people to purchase them. Your Web site will be easy to maintain and update, and it will be nicely integrated with your Secure-eBook account and products.

Your Web site will also include a Blog, which will increase your chances of selling more eBooks. Every expert will tell you that by using a Blog, you can attract more visitors to your Web site and that having more visitors should increase your sales.

Get more information about the Web site provided by Secure-eBook.

You can also visit our sample Web site to see our Web site system in action.

see our Web site system in action

A fully automated purchase process for your clients

Secure-eBook manages the whole purchase process for you, every time one of your clients buys one of your eBooks. Secure-eBook works with many major payment processing services and requires only a few configuration steps to make your sales going directly into your account.

Get more information about the Secure-eBook automated purchase process.

automated ebook purchase process test

Your eBooks securely delivered to your clients

Secure-eBook offers you two options: protecting your eBooks themselves or simply protecting the download links used by your clients to get the eBooks they purchase from you.

No matter the secured delivery option you select, your clients will experience instant gratification when purchasing your eBooks.

Get more information about the Secure-eBook eBook delivery process.

Instant visibility for your eBooks

Included for free when you subscribe to Secure-eBook is the addition of your eBooks on the eBookTika eBook library. This provides an immediate increase of visibility for your eBooks.

Get more information about eBookTika.

Very competitive price

All these features are offered to you starting at the very affordable price of $29.97 per month. This means that for only the price of an eBook a month, or even less, you get your Web site with your Blog, automated purchase and delivery processes, compatibility with many major systems and instant visibility for your eBooks!

So don't hesitate and subscribe to Secure-eBook now!

Do you need things done even faster?

We can make setting up your online business real easy for you.

Let the Secure-eBook team set up your Web site for you

If you are the kind of person who wants to skip to the finish line, who wants to be ready to start selling and promoting his eBook in a matter of days, then we have the solution for you.

For a small one time fee, you can have the Secure-eBook staff:

  • prepare your eBooks for sale,
  • configure your Secure-eBook account,
  • set up your payment processing services,
  • lay out your Web page contents

Normally, hiring a team of trained professionals to set up your Web page could cost you between $1500 and $3000 dollars (excluding the surprise expenses that always seem to pop out).

The Secure-eBook staff can do it all for you for only $397.00. A real bargain to get a team of trained professionals to set you up!

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Client Testimonial

"Secure-eBook is without doubt the finest security solution..."

"The Secure-eBook system is without doubt the finest security solution that my company has tried... and we've certainly tried others!

My whole team spent the first two weeks testing the system in both Europe and North America and Secure-eBook performed flawlessly.

Now I can finally concentrate on publishing and marketing e-book titles without the worry of losing revenue from file sharing."

Thank guys!